vidence of shapeshifters is ancient and esoteric

  • is a skill that can be gained through
    that are only shared with the

  • and
    have only begun learning the
    skills. Their sophomoric abilities put them in the same level of attained skill.

  • Shapeshifting or mythology, fiction. Much of what is described in common, known legend is very drastic shape shifting, things that are just not physically possible. Actual
    only alter their appearance slightly.

  • Some shapeshifters are able to mimic animals, for example a
    , or young dinosaur. Many shapeshifters prefer
    features to mammals. But they only slightly look like the animal. But that takes a great amount of skill. And can lead to visible,

  • Most
    change thier appearance only slightly, so they appear as a slightly different person. Some examples include politicians and actors. The actual power of shapeshifting is in

  • It's always possible to tell. Though
    the exact methods here would be too dangerous, we provide examples of shapeshifters that are beyond reproach.

  • Shapeshifters can adopt more than one persona with each shape they can
    on their bodies.